2017 Bull Riding Results

February 19, 2017

THE AMERICAN in 2017 was held on Sunday, February 19 at AT&T Stadium.  Check out results in Bull Riding from both the Long-Go and the Shoot-Out rounds.

During this event, the bull rider must remain on his animal for 8-seconds. The cowboy must have one hand in the bull rope and one hand in the air. The free hand cannot touch the animal, yourself, or the equipment. The bull is judged by the degree of difficulty he provides the cowboy. Spurring is not required, but may earn you extra points. A good score in bull riding would be in the low-80s, mid-high 80s is great, and an excellent score would be in the 90s.

See winner and results from the Shoot-Out Round.

P Name Time/Score Overall HomeTown
1 Sage Kimzey 89.50 89.50 Strong City, OK
2 Claudio Montanha (Q) 89.00 89.00 Panorama, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Check out the results from the Long-Go below. 

P Name Time/Score Overall HomeTown
1 Kaique Pacheco 88.25 88.25 Itatiba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2 Sage Kimzey 85.50 85.50 Strong City, OK
3 Guilherme  Marchi 83.50 83.50 Itupeva, Sao Paulo, Brazil
4 Claudio Montanha (Q) 80.50 80.50 Panorama, Sao Paulo, Brazil
5 Ryan Dirteater 7.8 **NO SCORE** Hulbert, OK
6 JB Mauney 6.1 **NO SCORE** Mooresville, NC
7 Luciano Castro 4.4 **NO SCORE** -
8 Cole Melancon (Q) 3.2 **NO SCORE** Liberty, TX
9 Stetson Lawrence (Q) 3 **NO SCORE** Williston, ND
10 Trey Benton III (Q) 2.8 **NO SCORE** Rock Island, TX
11 Eduardo Aparecido 2.7 **NO SCORE** Gouvelandia, GO, Brazil
12 Mike Lee 2.2 **NO SCORE** Decatur, TX
13 Joao Ricardo  Vieria 2 **NO SCORE** -
14 Jess Lockwood 1.7 **NO SCORE** Volborg, MT
15 Fabiano Vieira **NO SCORE** **NO SCORE** Perola, Brazil