Team Roping Invitees - 2018

THE AMERICAN returns to AT&T Stadium on Sunday, February 25, 2018.  While the road to the finals is already underway with qualifiers in each of the rodeo events, RFD-TV is pleased to announce the list of top team roping invitees. See the complete list of headers and heelers invited to compete in THE AMERICAN final.

Team Roping Invitees

Erich Rogers
Kaleb Driggers
Riley Minor
Luke Brown
Clay Smith
Chad Masters
Coleman Proctor
Dustin Egusquiza
Charly Crawford
Clay Tyran


Cory Petska
Junior Nogueira
Brady Minor
Jake Long
Travis Graves
Paul Eaves
Billie Jack Saebens
Kory Koontz
Joseph Harrison
Jade Corkill