February 19, 2017

THE AMERICAN for 2017 featured both "Long-Go" and "Shoot-Out" rounds.  Below are the times for both from the Tie Down event on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

The object of this event is for the cowboy to catch and tie a calf as quickly as possible. After the calf gets a head start, the cowboy rides from the box, ropes the animal, dismounts and runs down the rope. When he reached the calf, he puts it on the ground and ties three of its legs together. When the tie is completed and the roper puts his hands in the air, time is stopped.  The calf’s legs must stay tied for six seconds after the roper has remounted his horse and allowed slack in the rope.

See the winner and results from the Shoot-Out Round.

P Name Time/Score Overall HomeTown
1 Marty Yates 6.65 6.65 Stephenville, TX
2 Timber Moore (Q) 8.58 8.58 Aubrey, TX
3 Cory Solomon (Q) 16.85 16.85 Prairie View, TX

No score for Tuf Cooper.

Results from the Long-Go are below. 

P Name Time/Score Overall HomeTown
1 Cory Solomon (Q) 6.71 6.71 Prairie View, TX
2 Timber Moore (Q) 6.82 6.82 Aubrey, TX
3 Tuf Cooper 6.84 6.84 Decatur, TX
4 Marty Yates 6.87 6.87 Stephenville, TX
5 Ty Harris (Q) 7.01 7.01 San Angelo, TX
6 Caleb Smidt 7.22 7.22 Bellville, TX
7 Hunter Herrin 7.30 7.3 Apache, OK
8 Blair Burk (Q) 7.33 7.33 Durant, OK
9 Trevor  Brazile 7.42 7.42 Decatur, TX
10 Ryan Thibodeaux (Q) 7.88 7.88 Stephenville, TX
11 Cody Ohl 9.82 9.82 Hico, TX
12 Cade Swor 11.63 11.63 Winnie, TX
13 Cade Swor 11.63 11.63 Winnie, TX
14 Landyn Duncan (Q) **NO TIME** **NO TIME** Weatherford, TX
15 Marcos Costa **NO TIME** **NO TIME** Childress, TX
16 Shane Hanchey **NO TIME** **NO TIME** Sulphur, LA
17 Tyson Durfey **NO TIME** **NO TIME** Weatherford, TX
18 Cole Bailey **NO TIME** **NO TIME** Okmulgee, OK