Need to spice up your resume before heading off to college? Do you want to use your social media, photography, or writing skills as an excuse to learn? Do you love rodeo? If you answered "YES" to all three of these questions, this unique opportunity and learning experience is for you. It's a once in a lifetime chance be a part of the world’s richest one-day rodeo and to join an elite force known as the “AMERICAN Ambassadors.”

What is an “AMERICAN Ambassador?”

This is an educated, creative, and result-driven group of young professionals who will attend various rodeo events in their surrounding areas and serve as representatives of RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN through social media, grass roots marketing efforts, and assisting with live event production. 

"This will be the first year for our American Ambassador program, and we could not be more excited," said Billy Frey, Chief Marketing Officer for RFD-TV. "The Ambassador program will allow students a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain real world experience, but it will also give Western sports fans the opportunity to stay up to date on what's going on with The American."

Who can be an AMERICAN Ambassador?
Regardless of if you’re availability allows you to attend 10 events or one event, desirable candidates will be in junior/senior standing or a recent college graduate, OR an active FFA member. Exceptions will be considered if a candidate can prove their value. 

Responsibilities of an AMERICAN Ambassador

  •  Be familiar with the rodeo industry and comfortable talking about it with strangers. 
  • Attend RFD-TV's THE AMERICAN qualifiers in any event of your choosing (barrel racing, tie-down roping, team roping, steer wrestling) and provide strategic social media coverage, collect photos and video, conduct interviews, and distribute marketing materials provided by RFD-TV. 
  • Have a general familiarization with RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN and its purpose within the glorious world of western sports.
  • Available for one conference meeting per month.
  • Available to attend at least one Qualifier Tour event.
  • Fully understand the goals of the program and efficiently follow through on creative assignments, and meet deadlines.
  • Share provided content via social media as well as print and disperse flyers throughout your local community, at local events and state competitions as a form of grass root marketing.
  • Create and share content during and after each qualifier. 
  • Have an above average social media presence (post engagement and followers) on Instagram and Twitter, or a way of influencing such a platform.
  • Required to post weekly on social media:
    • Social graphics, sample text, and links will be provided by RFD-TV to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • 3 posts per week on Facebook
    • 5 Post per week on Twitter
    • 1 Post per week on Instagram
  • Experience with Canva, Photoshop/Lightroom, Facebook, Facebook LIVE, Twitter, Instagram, photography, email, Periscope, AP style, writing skills, attention to detail, and a willingness to learn are all desirable qualities of an AMERICAN Ambassador. 

When does the AMERICAN Ambassador program start? 
July 2017 - March 2017

Why should you apply?
Consider this your foot in the door into the corporate side of the rodeo industry. You’ll earn the chance to be a part of executive meetings and work first hand alongside our executive marketing team. You’ll attend events in official RFD-TV capacity and in RFD-TV logo gear. You'll get an ALL-ACCESS badge for Semi-Finals (held in Fort Worth, Texas) and RFD-TV's THE AMERICAN (held at AT&T Stadium) on Feb. 25 2018, plus two extra tickets. 

Fill out the application (click here) to be considered for the 2017 - 2018 American Ambassador Program.