Feb. 24, 2018

Get Shoot-Out Team Roping results from the Semi-Finals below.

Header  Heeler Total Money
Speed Williams Wesley Thorp 4.32 $23,253.00
Trevor Brazile Patrick Smith 4.50 $12,132.00
Manny Egusquiza Levi Lord 5.44 $7,583.00
Wesley Thorp Seth Smithson 8.00 $4,750.00
Ty Blasingame Cole Davison 9.70 $2,828.00
Speed Williams Shay Carroll 21.23  - 
Bart Brunson Wesley Brunson 1000  - 
Kolton Schmidt Cole Davison 1000  - 
Blake Hughes Buddy Hawkins 1000  - 

Feb. 23, 2018

Wesley Thorp and Seth Smithson proved the pair to beat during the second performance of RFD-TV's The American Semi-Finals presented by DISH. The team earned 4.75 during the sold-out Friday night performance. Watch their ride above and check out the complete list of team roping results from the second performance.




 Wesley Thorp (2nd Spot)

Seth Smithson


Kolton Schmidt (2nd Spot)

Cole Davison


Speed Williams (2nd Spot)

Wesley Thorp (2nd Spot)


Speed Williams

Shay Carroll


Ty Blasingame

Cole Davison (2nd Spot)


Aaron Tsinigine (2nd Spot)

Kyle Lockett


Max Kuttler

Brandon Bates


Manny Egusquiza

Patrick Smith


Lane Ivy (2nd Spot)

Dakota Kirchenschlager (2nd Spot)


Chris Franics (2nd Spot)

Cade Passig


Feb. 22, 2018

Blake Hughes and Buddy Hawkins turned and heeled their steer in 4.96 seconds to win tonight’s semi-final round. Double qualifiers Bart and Wesley Brunson were second with a 5.10. There was a total of seven (7) teams in this performance who earned two chances to go through to the Shoot Out round.

Team Roping - Semi-Finals Performance 1

Thursday, Feb. 22

Header Heeler Total
Blake Hughes Buddy Hawkins 4.96
Bart Brunson Wesley Brunson (2nd Spot) 5.10
Manny Egusquiza (2nd Spot) Levi Lord (2nd Spot) 5.11
Dakota Kirchenschlager Trevor Kirchenschlager (2nd Spot) 5.11
Trevor Brazile Patrick Smith (2nd Spot) 5.23
Cyle Denison (2nd Spot) Lane Siggins (2nd Spot) 14.17
Billy Bob Brown  Hunter Koch 1000
Cale Markham Tanner Braden 1000
Kolton Schmidt Will Woodfin (2nd Spot) 1000
Trevor Brazile (2nd Spot) Tyler Worley (2nd Spot) 1000
Colby Lovell Blaine Vick 1000