July 19, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) Just hours before tickets are to go on sale, Randy Bernard, CEO of THE AMERICAN, appeared on a special LIVE edition of RFD-TV’s “Western Sports Weekly” to update fans on all the exciting developments for THE AMERICAN in 2019, including a new Season Tickets package that guarantees you the same seats, year after year!

Among many exciting developments for the 2019 event to discuss, THE AMERICAN is being expanded to a two-day event. This expanded format provides the opportunity to add two additional events to the lineup: Breakaway Roping and #10 Team Roping. Randy spoke live via phone with athlete representatives from these events who articulated just what a big deal this is for the rodeo world.

Tickets to THE AMERICAN 2019 – including first-time-ever Season Tickets – go on sale TOMORROW, Friday, July 20, so check back right here at americanrodeo.com!